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1991 Nissan Figaro
This is a very unique right hand drive JDM car imported from Japan in November 2020. Equipped with 1.0 liter turbo engine, front wheel drive, two-door, automatic transmission, convertible roof. The car has 4 seats; the back seats are small and don't have a lot of legroom but are big enough for children. The Nissan Figaro has a 1950/60 retro body-style with matching interior, but with total 1990's specifications including power steering, power windows, full air conditioning and Retro CD player. A total of 20,073 Figaros were produced by Nissan in the convertible's single year of series production — all with right hand drive. Reliability is a characteristic long associated with the Nissan brand, yet this car doesn't wear the badge. Because the Figaro has a modern engine and transmission, it can be used on a daily basis or can be a great beach cruiser.
Florida Title on hands, ready to go right away with a temporary Tag provided, Nationwide shipping available. Call us to schedule your test drive or videocall show.
76 hp
89,000 miles / 143,000 km Genuine 
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