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1995 Subaru Sambar Dump Truck 
55 hp
77,500 miles Genuine 
1995 Subaru Sambar Dump Truck, JDM, RHD, 4WD, Manual, Gasoline, 5 speed, A/C.
Perfect for long hauls and heavy loads, the Sambar Dump Truck is now available! It is the only Kei with a 4-cylinder 660cc engine. And unlike other Keis, this engine is mounted in the rear of the truck. It is one of the first to offer a super charger and inter cooler package as well as fuel injection boosting the horsepower to 55 which rivals modern Kei trucks. The Sambar is perfect as a farm utility vehicle and a ranch truck. It can be used on golf courses, in parks, at campgrounds, resorts, schools, municipalities, for nursery/landscaping businesses and for a great variety of small businesses. The cargo bed measures 6’ x 4’ x 11” and the gates fold down on all sides. It is the only Kei truck with two engine access points. The dump is powered by an electric-hydraulic system and has a load capacity of over 770 pounds. At 10’8” x 4’6” x 5’9” and 1,628 pounds the Sambar is standard Kei size, and just a bit on the heavy side. The rear axle location of the engine keeps the cab quieter and cooler than other Keis, giving the driver more head room. 
Comes with a clean Florida title and all import paperwork.
Call us or text to schedule a test drive.
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